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Explore AI’s transformative potential with our specialized AI Studio. Tailored for CEOs of mid-size companies to foster growth and stay competitive. Our studio is your most valuable resource in a landscape where innovation is the currency of success.

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CEOs, CTOs, and CDOs, need help to innovate, enhance operational efficiency, and future-proof their business in an ever-evolving market. They are hungry for guidance to effectively cut through the noise and harness the potential of AI and generative AI to deliver concrete, measurable outcomes.   Our AI Transformation Studio is your strategic partner in this journey.


We understand that AI is not about replacing humans but augmenting their capabilities. It is not about building a digital interface but rethinking your entire business landscape. With our guidance, you’ll empower your team to be more creative, efficient, and productive, becoming the co-pilots of these technologies.

Our experts will guide you through the intricacies of AI experimentation and adoption


Our studio offers comprehensive advisory, coaching, and educational services tailored to the needs of mid-size businesses

With AI you will address:

  • Identify new growth opportunities.

  • Stay relevant and keep up with industry disruptors.

  • Understanding how AI will affect the business across people, processes, and technology.

  • Handling increasing data volume and user demands.

  • Protection of sensitive data.

  • Technology usage/user adoption.

  • Concerts about responsible use of data with AI models.

  • Dealing with the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data in the organization.

EG AI transformation Studio

With AI you will get:

  • Drive growth and profitability.

  • Enhance operational efficiency.

  • Drive innovation by adopting cutting-edge technologies.

  • Data-driven decision making.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Extract new value from data, generating new revenue streams.

  • Data quality, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Propel creativity in problem-solving.

  • Accelerate product development.

The (ExO) Exponential Organization Blueprint


Our holistic approach to customer-centricity to drive growth and impact sets us apart, we are always ready to experiment boldly and collaborate widely. We believe data should steer your journey, ensuring you’re always headed in the right direction. Our approach is rooted in five essential steps: assess, prioritize, roadmap, tech exploration, and resource allocation, all guided by clear algorithms-driven KPIs to keep you firmly on the path to success.

We understand your concerns about AI’s ethical use and data security. Rest assured, we prioritize responsible AI practices, ensuring your company’s values and reputation remain intact. Our partners bring deep expertise and the right technology.

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AI Transformation Case Studies


Welwaze logo

Welwaze's Transformation Journey

Escalate Group’s Innovation Sprint unlocked data-driven AI strategies for Welwaze, paving the way for Series A financing and a central position in the breast cancer health tech industry.”

Virgin mobile V2 MAS ESPACIO

Virgin Mobile's Market Resilience

Thanks to the Escalate Group’s collaborative AI Transformation approach, Virgin Mobile uncovered new opportunities for its customer base.


Revolutionizing Audience Engagement

Unrepresented revitalized audience engagement, deepening data-driven connections and opening new growth horizons, ultimately leading to its acquisition by Filmio.


AI Innovation

Use Case

Microsoft Copilot in a Software Organization

AI Innovation

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Transforming B2B Sales in Financial Services 

AI Innovation

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Automating Internal Forms in Healthcare Services

AI in Healthcare

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SAP Solutions for Inventory and Order Management in Retail & Wholesale

Intelligent automation

Use Case

Intelligent Automation of SAP Approval Processes with GenAI

GenAI learning models with MSFT Power Platform

Use Case

Machine Learning Models with Microsoft Power Platform

Intelligent automation

Use Case

Order Management in Supermarkets with AI and Low-Code Solutions

AI PDF Processing

Use Case

AI-powered invoice Processing for insurance services

Blockchain & AI in business

Use Case

Empowering Commercial Manufacturers Through Data Visualization

Blockchain & AI in business

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