Web3 Sprint Success Stories: Lessons in Innovation, Readiness, and Implementation

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Welcome to our latest collection of case studies, showcasing the incredible results of our innovation, readiness, and implementation of web3 sprints! These projects demonstrate the power of collaboration and the limitless potential of web3 technology. Get inspired and see what your organization and community can achieve together!

Web3 Studio Innovation Sprints Case Studies

Welwaze lgo

Web3 Innovation Sprint for Medical Devices to empower people

By combining their medical devices, mobile apps with blockchain, and community, we helped the Welwaze team empower people to manage their health better and improve their way of life through early diagnosis. The new strategy resulted in a circular economy and a virtuous incentive cycle. The more individuals of a community contribute, the better off they and society are. The company’s Series A financing was completed.


Web3 Innovation Sprint for a Venture in the Energy field

During our six weeks Innovation Sprint, we worked closely with founders on efficient energy use to disintermediate their industry. We identified the key opportunities and possible pitfalls by clarifying the “jobs to be done” and their market niche. This way, we avoided “tech for the sake of tech” and created a minimum viable energy exchange that enabled peers to buy and sell auto-generated energy. This approach grabbed the attention and action of strategic partners, customers, and corporate innovation investors.

Virgin mobile V2 MAS ESPACIO

Web3 Innovation Sprint for Virgin Mobile

A Leading digital provider of mobile services in Latin America wanted to maintain leadership in an era of disruption by unlocking opportunities for its customer base. Together we defined a new service that leveraged private and decentralized data platforms. The offering was made possible by shifting how they store, compute, and transmit data. We brought value to their responsible consumers through a behavioral risk score algorithm for 50,000 pseudo-anonymous records that took advantage of AI, blockchain, and Big Data mechanisms. In addition, this was an opportunity for other vendors/partners to benefit from good new customers.

Stratos Fiduciaria Mas Espacio

Web3 Innovation Sprint for Stratos Fiduciary Services

A multinational Fiduciary company created new opportunities in the cross-border transactions segment, disrupting its industry. Connections with rich ecosystems of coders and attorneys developed efficiencies through self-executing algorithms, contracts, and resolution procedures. The team also learned how to deploy, manage, and govern distributed operations. As a result, $800M entrusted assets are in the process of being tokenized.

Babieka Films

Web3 Innovation Sprint for Babieka Films

We assisted an International Film and TV Production Company to get the community and fans closer to the makers, creators, and interests. We helped them create Unrepresented, a web3 venture powered by blockchain and data to empower Creative Content Makers through a multilateral platform powered by Blockchain and AI. As a result, Unrepresented unlocked the full potential of Producers and Creators by connecting them to their Audience, potential Patrons, Investors, and Licensees, and Filmio acquired it.


Web3 Innovation Sprint for Music Bonds

Blockchain changes how businesses collaborate and allows for a new degree of trust based on a single version of the truth. We assisted the Music Bonds startup team in conceptualizing a project to help level the playing field for creators and alter the music industry. We created NFT platforms for the music community to connect fans and collectors of all levels with their favorite musicians. The initiative was presented long before the NFTs gained traction as digital fan collectibles that athletes, entertainers, musicians, and artists can utilize to communicate with their followers.

Web3 Studio Readiness and Implementation Sprints Case Studies


Stratis Logo MAS ESPACIO

Web3 Readiness Sprint for Stratis, an Enterprise SaaS-Platform

We brought exponential execution capabilities to a SaaS and Developer Platform company, established a differentiated strategy, and created an exponential go-to-market plan. Six Proofs of Concepts were evaluated, and our tech partner successfully implemented Stratis identity PoC. During the year of the engagement, the company’s coin market cap grew from $7M to $1B.

Web3 Readiness Sprint for non-profit protecting our Oceans

A massive, 300m long ship crashes near a small island state and spills oil. We made it easy to crowdsource information and evidence of the spill and enabled Oceanexo to share it fast with the academic community.

We helped to preserve and broaden the data pool to analyze long-term impacts. Our tech partner built a platform and mobile app to track ocean and environmental disasters and ensure the solution was robust and secure with verifiable and tampered-proof data accessible in courts.

Divergenti Logo

Web3 Readiness Sprint for a SMEs Growth Platform

Working with the Fluid Chains team, we helped Blockchain Chile launch the Divergenti tokenized economy to connect SMEs with the digital talent to drive growth. In addition, we provided the local team with the proper knowledge, tools, and experience to kick-start their impact project, accelerate the genesis of their blockchain, and launch their offering.

Openexo logo 1

Web3 Implementation Sprint for a transformation community

Openexo is a Professional Services community focused on innovation and digital transformation. With Fluid Chains, our Blockchain tech partner, we have been involved in tokenizing the ExO Ecosystem from the beginning. We helped design the system and launch, grow, and maintain the Openexo blockchain network and the EXOS token. We continue to be a vital contributor to this 15,000-people-strong ExO economy. EXOS is a cryptographic token that provides a way to access the resources and capabilities of the ExO Ecosystem required for transformation in the face of disruption. It’s used in places like the OpenExO Platform to deliver transformational impact.


Web3 Readiness Sprint for yWhales NFT platform

yWhales is C-Level Business Professionals Web3.0 Ecosystem. We enabled the yWhales team to generate and mint Gen 1 and Gen 2 NFTs on the Ethereum/Poly Solana ecosystems in a user-friendly website for minting. Fluid Chains developer team designed, implemented, and deployed the Poly and Solana smart contracts and Metamask and Phantom wallets connectivity functions.

Rutanio blanco transparente

Web3 Implementation Sprint for Innovation Community

Together with Fluid Chains, we have facilitated the tokenization of the innovation ecosystem of the city of Medellin, articulated by Ruta N. Today the Rutanio project fosters and accelerates innovation ecosystems and creative economies, generating strategic and economic value for all its members and contributors by 1. educating community members through Rutanio Academy, 2. registering members’ skills and IP in our decentralized blockchain system, 3. assisting members in finding various job opportunities in the Rutanio marketplace, 4. enhancing and certifying your engagements, and 5. Offering a complimentary token for bartering services.

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