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— The ExO Sprint —

An ExO Sprint is an intensive experience that tackles disruptive challenges that exponential technologies present for each business. It entails asking people to work in a completely different way.  The outcome of the ExO Sprint is a set of breakthrough initiatives that will both improve existing business models and create next-generation organizations with the potential to lead their industries.

Past and Current Projects

ExO Sprint for Financial Services

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A multinational Fiduciary company created new opportunities on the cross-border transactions segment disrupting its industry.

Connections with rich ecosystems of coders and attorneys created efficiencies through self-executing algorithms. The team also learned how to deploy, manage, and  govern distributed operations.

ExO Sprint for Enterprise SaaS Platform Business

Cloud services

We brought exponential execution capabilities to a SaaS and Developer Platform company. Established a differentiated strategy, and created an exponential go-to-market plan. Six Proofs of Concepts were evaluated, and the Identity PoC was successfully implemented in a follow up execution Sprint. During the year of the engagement, the company’s Coin market cap grew from $7M to $1B.


Call Center Corporation

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A multinational corporation increased customer satisfaction by 10x and reduced wasted time by 83% at their call centers. They used Artificial Intelligence to understand each customer’s questions and access the right answer from the right database in real time (including ingredients, sourcing, and supply chain information). This allows humans agents to focus on building relationships and selling additional products.

— Exoworks Sprint—

Health Sector 

medical v2

A medical device company is creating unique business models that bring effective and affordable health care to countries in emerging markets, while preserving profitability.

— Exoworks Sprint—


ExO online Sprint for a venture in the Energy Field

Solar panels 2

During our six weeks we worked closely with founders on efficient use of energy to dis-intermediate their industry.  We identified the key opportunities and possible pitfalls by clarifying the “jobs to be done” and their market niche. This way, we avoided “tech for the sake of tech”, and created a Minimum Viable Product was created. This approach grabbed attention and action from strategic partners, customers, and corporate innovation investors.

— FluidChains —

ExO Sprint for Telecom Provider

Network v2

A Leading digital provider of mobile services in Latin America wanted to maintain leadership in an era of disruption by unlocking opportunities for their customer base. Together we defined a new service that leveraged private and decentralized data platforms. This was made possible by shifting the way they store, compute and transmit data.  We brought value to their responsible customers through behavioral scores that took advantage of AI and Big Data mechanisms. In addition, this was also an opportunity for other vendors/partners to benefit with new good customers.

To ensure you are on the right path, ask yourself the following questions before embarking on an ExO Sprint

Does my organization ...

suffer from an immune system response (certain employees and processes hard-wired to prevent organizational transformation) when attempting anything disruptive?

Do we want to ...

lead or at least stay ahead of Industry Disruption?

Do we want to ...

grow your business by 10x?

Do we want to ...

accelerate the metabolism of your organization to respond more nimbly to changes in the external world?

Do we want to ...

achieve positive change in the world?

Are we ready to ...

experiment with new approaches?

Are we ready to ...

learn from inexpensive failures and use those insights to evolve faster and further?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, congratulations! You are already on your way to explore what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is holding for you. the ExO Sprint is indeed designed to be applicable to organizations of all shapes and sizes !.

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“The ExO Sprint allowed us to envision a new beginning for our business, rather than an end from an outside disruption”

Guayente Sanmartin – Vice President and Global Head, HP Large Format Design Business. ExO Sprint (Exoworks)

“It is a great methodology to understand where we are in our business today working with our coaches on how we can brainstorm together and quickly come up with new ideas, test those ideas with our teams, outside of our teams and working with customers you are thinking through your next steps and you are doing it quickly”

Stanley security – ExO Sprint (exoworks)

“It changed the way we look at innovation, what I see is different from all the innovation we have done until now – and we did a lot – It definitely will bring new opportunities”

Aviv Hassidow Marketing, HP ExO Sprint (Exoworks)

“ExO is the best, in fact the only, organization I’ve come across that’s good at surfing between what is here and what’s to come”

John Kelly- Director of Deliberative Process Design, Civic Makers. ExO Sprint (Exoworks)

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