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We are dedicated to enabling mid-market companies to stay ahead of the curve and relevant in their respective industries by implementing cutting-edge technologies and proven organizational practices.

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Our expert guidance helps mid-market companies in addressing their pain points and staying ahead of the curve. By identifying customer-centric and future-proof solutions, our initiatives deliver:


Unique scaling and agility capabilities for your team


A boosted business model that keeps you ahead of the game


The creation of new business models to disrupt the competition.

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Transform your team with our Awake sessions and Workshops that prepare executives for industry disruption.

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Innovation Sprints

Unlock exponential growth with our 10-week customer-focused process.

ICON Advisory

Advisory Services

Navigate your path to disruption with our personalized guidance.

ICON web3 AI

Web3 Studio / AI Studio

Stay ahead of the game with our Web3 and AI innovation studio, identifying blockchain and AI opportunities for your business.


“Escalate Group is a leading organization building ExOs and delivering high-quality services to clients worldwide.”

Salim Ismail, Founder and Chairman Openexo

“Escalate Group innovation Sprint helped to identify and validate a new business model with 10x potential in Latin America.”

Juan Velez, CEO Virgin Mobile Latam

“Partnering with Escalate Group has sparked growth in our organization. Their resources and connections have increased our value.”

Chris Trew, CEO at Stratis Group

“Together with Escalate Group, we were able to identify, prototype, and move forward a key initiative to make Optimum Health Easy.”

Juan Serna, CEO at Helpharma

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