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“It takes everyone at the top, working together in full agreement about the threats facing the company, to achieve a shared vision and pull off a successful transformation of the organization”. (Exponential Organization book)


ExO Advisory to board members

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The greater awareness among board members, especially once they’ve been trained, helps them to more fully support CEOs as they retool their organizations to adapt to an accelerating world

•Educate and equip the board to buy into  radical change.
•Track your board using OKRs.
•Examine and transform leadership skill sets.

ExO Advisory to management teams

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Bring in outside sources to update your senior management on trends and accelerating technologies to exponentially improve operations, transformation, strategy, management and business.

•Educate senior management
•Break up old line thinkers implementing diversity
•Take the leadership team through a personal transformation program

Innovation Brokerage – Global matchmaking

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We bring together corporations that are addressing innovation, with technology businesses from the leading tech ecosystems around the world.
We enable corporates to find the technology partners they need to solve innovation challenges, unlock value, grow their business and transform their future.

•Partnerships with incubators and accelerators
•Investment and acquisitions of ExOs
•Brings agility, flexibility and autonomy to large companies
•Facilitates digitization and knowledge sharing

ICON quotationmarks

“If a CEO isn’t fully empowered by the board or given requisite cover, he or she will not be able to take the necessary steps to introduce change, and the resulting inaction will put the entire organization at risk.”

Salim Ismail – author Exponential Organizations

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