Transforming Order Management in SME Supermarkets Through AI and Low-Code Solutions

Elevate your supermarket’s order management with AI-enhanced, low-code solutions powered by Microsoft Power Apps. Discover in this use case how to automate order logs, improve inventory planning, and optimize demand forecasting for unparalleled operational efficiency.

Business Challenge


In emerging markets, SME supermarkets face unique challenges in order management. Manual processes, inefficient demand forecasting, and labor-intensive inventory management hinder growth and operational efficiency.


AI and low-code platforms like Microsoft Power Apps offer a transformative solution. They enable automation and intelligent decision-making, thus reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency.


The objective is to educate executives in top SME supermarkets in emerging markets like Latin America. This use case demonstrates the compelling advantages of integrating AI and low-code platforms, specifically Microsoft’s Power Apps, for optimizing order management. Enhanced by Escalate Group’s expertise in AI and digital transformation, the focus is on automating order logs, improving demand forecasting, and streamlining inventory management. 

Solution: AI-Enhanced, Low-Code Order Management System

AI in Retail Operations

AI can process high volumes of data to optimize demand forecasting. High-definition video streams from IP cameras can monitor shelf stock levels in near real-time. When stockouts are detected, employees are instantly notified, enhancing product availability and inventory planning.

Low-Code Platforms: Microsoft Power Apps

Low-code platforms allow for rapidly developing custom applications tailored to the supermarket’s specific needs. These applications can manage order logs inventory and even integrate AI functionalities for demand forecasting.

Implementation Strategy:

Begin with a pilot project focusing on a single store or a specific category of products. Measure effectiveness and ROI to inform the strategy for a broader roll-out.



Automated Order Logging:

Utilize Power Apps to create a simple, intuitive interface for automated order logging.

Data Analytics with Power Platform

Real-Time Shelf Monitoring:

Integrate AI models that process video streams from IP cameras to monitor shelf stock levels.


Instant Notifications:

When a stockout is detected, notifications are sent to employees to restock.


Efficient Demand Forecasting:

AI algorithms process sales data to predict demand, helping in efficient ordering and inventory management.

Order management in supermarkets with AI


Combining AI’s analytical prowess with the flexibility of Microsoft’s Power Apps creates a unique, tailored solution for SME supermarkets, further refined by Escalate Group’s specialized services.

Value delivered:


Operational Efficiency:

Streamline order management and inventory planning.



Reduce manual labor and inventory carrying costs.



​Easily adapt and scale the system to match business growth.

The (ExO) Exponential Organization Blueprint


Our holistic approach to customer-centricity to drive growth and impact sets us apart, we are always ready to experiment boldly and collaborate widely. We believe data should steer your journey, ensuring you’re always headed in the right direction. Our approach is rooted in five essential steps: assess, prioritize, roadmap, tech exploration, and resource allocation, all guided by clear algorithms-driven KPIs to keep you firmly on the path to success.

Adopting an AI-enhanced, low-code order management system, designed, and implemented with Escalate Group’s expertise, can be a game-changer for SME supermarkets in emerging markets. It offers an effective and scalable way to optimize operations.

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